3-STEP guidebook and course

The guidebook and online course are FREE tools to support makerspace practitioners to develop and embed equitable youth practice.

Resources from Making Spaces

Online Guidebook

Towards Equitable Makerspaces: A guide to the 3-STEP approach

This guidebook is a resource to help makerspace practitioners to develop equitable practice. It includes key ideas, case studies, reflective questions and activities. It also details some of the outcomes experienced by young people and practitioners who took part in the study.

Online self-paced course

A 3-STEP Guide to Equitable Makerspaces

This free, self-paced online learning course will help enhance your understanding and application of equitable youth practice.

Professional development course

Towards Equitable Makerspaces – poster

Printable poster of the 3-STEP approach summarising the key impact and usage.

Activity Booklet

Download all the activities from our guidebook in one handy printable version!

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